Monday, June 30, 2008

Of Earrings and Shoes

I'm honored to post here on Lesley Machine Elf's blog. What a great idea! I love it.

So, what's girlie about me, even in my old doddering age? (54, hey, that's NOT old damnit!) Well, I hate sneakers, track shoes, atheletic shoes, -- just refuse to wear them. Almost refuse to wear them . . . I do end up wearing them at work now and then simply because the pain gets to me. I'm on my feet, off and on, for eight hours plus a day; I work in a school. So between walking the three thousand miles from my room in the back to the rest of the building, standing while teaching a group, supervising, etc. my feet take a real beating on the asphalt and linoleium. Add to that I'm carrying around too much weight, have an extremely weak and chronically painfull left ankle/foot (broke it three times, plus breaking the little toe, and the big toe, over the years) and arthritis in that knee, and some days I can barely walk. But I won't wear those horrible clunky shoes, simply refuse, until it gets so bad I put them on. I have good ones; a black pair of Nikes, a white pair, still, they're ugly. I have Dankso's and other good, expensive pairs but they're ugly too, not just as. Shallow, vain, and downright stupid, yes, of course. Totally girlie though.

Speaking of shoes, why are shoes almost always black or brown, or, white? Why not turquoise? Sometimes they're red. Boring! I like my shoes with color, lightweight but with tons of comfy comfy comfy support. Yes, I want it all. The ultimate shoe.

Earrings. I have way too many pairs, and sometimes wear more than one at a time. I love the big dangly types. I could be feeling like crap, no make up (which I don't often wear anyway, well, I do, all that Bare Mineral stuff, but I'm not into make up, just trying to cover up the lines and bags) wear slooppy baggy pants or what have you, but damn it, I'll be wearing my earrings!

The earrings shown here my mother gave me on my last birtday. She knows my taste! They're big, silly, glittery and dangly, but I love 'em.

Not even Pam is perfect

At least not without her make up.


If any of my girlie friends would like to post here, just let me know and I will add you to the blog.

The thing that covers boobs

I admit it, the times that I wear a bra I like it to be the super push up extreme type and 99% of the time (most of which I am at home) I don't wear any bra.

I find these contraptions whether push up or not to be extremely uncomforatable. Oh, they are OK for a short time, but normally by the time I get home I can't wait to take them off.

Have I just not found the right one (I have tried zillions) or am I right and they are all rather torturous devices?

Honestly, why am I even expected to wear one? What is the true purpose?