Saturday, December 12, 2009

More Fleece Skirts and Hats

I went ahead and ordered the long fleece skirt in the argyle pattern, and a hat in the leopard. I wanted the long skirt in leopard but it's no longer available. I didn't really need the hat, but then again, in Oregon, you can always use a warm hat!

They also offer short skirts, shown here, but I ordered the long. The hat looks a lot better in person; a co-worker was wearing it and it looked great; can't wait.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fleece Skirts and Hats

A woman at work was wearing the greatest skirt; a long skirt made out of fleece. Very warm and comfy, but looked good too. I've also seen her in a great hat; fleece, leopard print.  They're made by a woman in Oregon; here's here website:

You can choose your color and pattern, or they'll do custom work. I'm going to order the blue skirt, though I'm torn between the olive and some of the prints. Hmm, wait, maybe I'll do the leopard print!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Do 3 year olds really need high heels?

I first noticed this trend about a month ago. I was at the grocery loading up my trunk and a family walked by with a little girl, about 3 years old and she was wear high heels. Suri Cruise in the photos seems to be wearing about a 1 inch heel, but that little girl's were at least 2 inches and the poor little thing was not having an easy time walking.

When I was a child we had cheap plastic toy shoes that had heels on them. You would wear them when you were playing dress up, but not as real clothing.

I can't imagine a woman wanting her small child wearing uncomfortable shoes. I am pretty sure these would be bad for feet that are still developing and also probably the spine. After all, they are bad for adults that are done growing. I can think of no reason a 3 year old should be wearing shoes like that. As adult women we sometimes wear high heels because they are pretty and sexy -- a 3 year old doesn't need heels to be pretty and should never be considered sexy.

A big thumbs down on this trend from me. :(

PS - I just enlarged and took a good look at Suri's skirt in the top photo. It seems to have hot air balloons and spaceships!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas @ Sephora

Every year for the past 3 or so, I have ordered special b-day gifts for myself at Sephora. The reason being is that I love the Christmas gift packages they sell. You can get larger than sample sized versions of stuff that you have wanted to try, but have not been willing to pay for a full sized version. Often you can get the entire gift set for what you would pay for 1 full sized item. I think this year was the best so far!

I bought the two Sephora gift samplers in the top photos. They have great stuff including such awesome brands as DuWop, NARS and Smashbox and most of the samples are nearly full sized. I couldn't resist the Bare Minerals extreme glitters either! Those are full sized and a great deal!

They also make great gifts if you know some make-up whores!