Sunday, December 11, 2011

Jennifer Aniston Voted Hottest Woman of All Time - Yahoo! Movies

In what universe???!!! Jennifer Aniston Voted Hottest Woman of All Time - Yahoo! Movies The whole "hottest" woman thing is ridiculous and shallow of course (and we should mention, men as well) but no use fighting something bigger than ourselves. I certainly don't want to contribute to the sexist-gender objectification-shallowness of these things by selling Aniston short. She's a person, after all, and perfectly fine looking. But. I mean, I have to say, after that pc qualifer, but still...still, Jennifer Aniston the hottest woman of "all time?!" All time???????!!!!

Hotter than:

Elizabeth Taylor

Marilyn Monroe
Sophia Loren
So many more, contemporary and from the past, that could fill that spot.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How to Choose your Bride in the Late Nineteenth Century

In the first place, see the girl you intend to honor as early in the morning as possible, and note whether she is fresh and tidy or limp and frowsy.

I would have never got a husband if I was expected to not be frowsy early in the morning. 
How to Choose your Bride in the Late Nineteenth Century « Beachcombing's Bizarre History Blog

Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Definition

Thanks to Iggy on FB for this image!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Boxing federation wants female boxers to wear skirts - Fourth-Place Medal - Olympics�Blog - Yahoo! Sports

Besides the obvious in your face outdated Twilight Zone/Pleasantville vibe of this idea, is the irony: woman boxers, punching each other in the face, mandated to appear "feminine"-- while they're punching each other in the face. Ladies must look demure and womanly at all times, dahlings! Boxing federation wants female boxers to wear skirts

TSA removes security screener for note telling passenger to 'get your freak on' - The Hill's Transportation Report

Related to the previous post, the inappropriate note left by a TSA screenr in lawyer Jill Filipovic's baggage concerning her vibrator -- "Get your freak on" written on official TSA inspection form -- caused that screener to be fired. Yea: TSA removes security screener for note telling passenger to 'get your freak on' - The Hill's Transportation Report. And, yewwww...! As Filipovic commented in a previous article about the incident, this particular vibrator will be "retired.' For sure.

Friday, October 14, 2011

The plastic surgery a model needs to look like Barbie. - Fashion Beauty on Shine

 One model (who has a great figure, even described by the writer as "Marilyn Monroe like") shows what she's have to do in order to look like the "ideal" Barbie. All these decades later, and Barbie is still a standard, for some: The plastic surgery a model needs to look like Barbie. - Fashion Beauty on Shine

(Speaking of Marilyn Monroe, a few weeks ago Bill Mahr on his show referred to Monroe as a "pie hole." I like Mahr but he has issues, dahlings, with women and weight. . .)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Yes to cucumbers!

A couple weeks ago, I found Yes to Cucumbers shampoo and conditioner at Target.  It wasn't with the regular shampoo and conditioners, but in what I will call the "Special Cosmetics Area," with the all natural stuff and things that aren't well known brands.  It is specifically for color treated hair and although it cost far more than I normally spend on such things (around $9 per bottle) I was in a crazy shopping mood and bought it.

Lucky for me, that expense wasn't wasted.  I LOVE this stuff!  It leaves my hair incredibly soft and silky!  It is also like 99.5 % natural.  Not that natural means much.  After all, mercury is natural, but we don't want it in our hair.  Right now, it has been two days since I washed my hair and it still feels and looks great!

It also smells really good!

I will skip the jokes about why cucumbers are better than men. :-D

Friday, September 2, 2011

On Ghost Hunting Theories: Sexy Steampunk and Costume Fashions

The Ghost Hunting Theories blog has a neat post with photos of steampunk type fashion: Sexy Steampunk and Costume Fashions. I love steampunk; the fashions, the machines, -- something sexy about it to me.( I'd love to see Helen Mirren in a steampunk movie; something for the sexy older woman. I think she'd carry that off very well.) I particularly like these shoes Ghost Hunting Theories posted, but I know I couldn't wear those heels!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Got My Red Back

Here it is, my new color. No make-up and indoors, hair's a mess, but what the hell. Last time I used Clairol Tone on Tone, this time I used L'Oreal Intense Copper Red. I'm happy with it but I like the Clairol better and will use that next time. Also bought Pantene color protect shampoo.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Where's My Red??!!!

I am distressed, mad, annoyed, slightly baffled and a bit confused. I colored my hair about three weeks ago: Clairol Tone on Tone super red. Loved the color. It was great. My hair looked really good, soft, shiny, and that red -- bright, happy, red all right. Yes, I have to say, too cool. So I have the color, feeling good, go swimming in the motel pool, and it was still red for a day or two but suddenly, the color is gone! Just, gone. My hair isn't some weird greenish-blonde color (thankfully, that happened to me once, it was bizarre) it's just a dull kind of brown, with a bit of red highlights. What happened? Was it the pool? This never happened to me before. Maybe it just faded but if so, it's a major fade.

I don't know if I should just color my hair again; or wait. I hate this boring brown color, I want my red back! I suppose I could go get it professionally done but I really can't afford it.

In which we betray our gender – GABBY'S PLAYHOUSE

In which we betray our gender – GABBY'S PLAYHOUSE

Gabby is a cartoonist, and has a very funny and insightful comic on sexism on the 'net.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Poison by any other name is still just as sweet

One thing that has been somewhat hard about dieting is making sure not to buy products containing aspartame.  Basically I know that anything sweet, that is marked as being low in calories contains this poison.  However, I still sometimes miss it.

Last week I was at Target and I saw Yoplait Parfaits with only 120 calories.  I did check the label, but not well enough.  I saw the ingredient "sugar" and kind of assumed there was no aspartame.  I also bought the regular (non-diet) jello chocolate pudding packs.

I ate one of the parfaits, not bad, but not really as good as regular jello pudding.  Something started bugging at me - why does a regular jello pudding the same size as the Yoplait parfaits have only 100 calories?  First I checked the jello again, nothing too bad seeming on that label.  Then I checked the parfaits, first noticing fructose.  I don't know a lot about that, but what I do know is that it should probably be avoided when possible.  Then near the end of the ingredient list I see "sucralose."  I was not sure what sucralose was, but I had a strong suspicion that it was aspartame.  It is actually Splenda, which even though it is not exactly aspartame, it is still horribly toxic and does not break down in the body (same as aspartame) and in no way helps anyone to lose weight, actually does the opposite.  Well, that being besides the fact that it is poison.

Also, isn't it somewhat strange that the "diet" product has more calories than regular jello pudding?  None of it adds up to making any sense.  One is making a big point about it's low in calories when it actually has more calories than a similar non-lowcal product.

And how many different names do these poisons go under?  I tried to find a list on the internet and was unsuccessful.  If anyone knows of one - please share!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bitches and Lesbians

Reading Regan's post over at WOE brought to mind something I had forgotten over the years - the attitude of certain men to rejection.

I remember back when my girlfriends and I would go out to nightclub type places, there were certain men that if you turned them down for a dance or in someway let them know that you just weren't interested - you were automatically a bitch and/or a lesbian.

It doesn't only happen in places like nightclubs either.  I remember back several years ago I was in the video section of Albertsons looking for a movie to rent.  This guy asks me a question, something along the lines of wanting to know if I had seen a movie he was thinking about renting.  I answer him and he asks me a few other things (related to movies) which I answer.  I am not being overly friendly, just answering his questions.  Then he suddenly asks me if I want to go home with him and watch movies.  WTF?  I tell him no, that I have been in a relationship for many years and we live together.  He says, "but your not married."  And yes, that is why on facebook and other places I often check the marriage box because to some men it only counts if you have a paper.  Anyhow, so I make myself more clear in that going to his house is NOT going to happen.  At that point this guys flips out on me, calls me a bitch, lesbian and so on, throws down his movie and stomps out of the store.  I was terrified he would be in the parking lot and try to abduct me or something and I had one of the big guys that work there escort me to my car.

And men like Henry Makow continue to teach men that this attitude is OK.  If a woman doesn't want you then there is obviously something wrong with her and in most cases it is because she is a lesbian/jew/commie.  Well, and with men like that it does make being a lesbian seem much more attractive. :-)

Diet Dreams

I have been having some very strange dreams lately.  Even more strange because I remember most of them which isn't normally the case.

Anyhow, apparently the diet is finally getting to me because last night I dreamed of pizza and McDonalds.  WTF?  McDonalds is never somewhere I go out of choice, only because I am in a hurry and it is cheap - I can get a spicy chicken sandwich and fries for under $2 and quickly.

I feel much hungrier than normal since having that dream.  All day I had to fight my urge to eat bad things.  I finally somewhat gave in and had around 10 potato chips, even if they were the "all natural, sea salt" kind - they were still more calories than I normally let myself waste.  Well, and they are a waste because I could have had something much more filling for that amount of calories.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Boyfriend Dresses Girlfiiend for a Week

Hilarious; and brave. This woman allowed her boyfriend to pick out her clothes for a week. My opinion? Poor dear doesn't have much of a clue. Lots of links in the article to other fashion stuff, like hairstyles, etc.

Day 7 Part One: Um, yeah - Would You EVER Let Your Guy Pick Out Your Clothes? I Did, for a Week! on Shine

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Fitness Pal

I found a very useful app on iPad today.  You can also use it on any computer by going to  I think it was especially made for diet dummies like me.  First you answer some questions and it tells you how many calories you can eat per day and how long it will take to lose the amount you want to lose.

You type in your meals, most brand names are in the database so you don't have to check the package for calorie and fat content.  If you make something, like I made my own latte earlier, you can give that a title, fill in calorie content and next time you have the same thing it is easy to find with no need to type it in again.

It also keeps track of your exercise and subtracts calories for it.  For example, we took Pooka for a slow paced 20 minute walk, which according to the site should have burned about 63 calories - I would have never known how many calories that would burn.

Something else I learned - I could have had two glasses of Merlot instead of one Latte.  I would have, if I had any, but since I didn't I settled for the Latte.

According to their calculator I can consume 1200 calories per day and lose two pounds per week.  Though it is only the first day it seems easy enough.  I have eaten less, but I am not hungry.  So far, I have not even eaten half the calories I can have today.  Although, night time is when I tend to "snack" so I will have to watch that carefully.

It will be interesting to see (assuming I can actually stick to it for a week) if I have really lost 2 lbs by the end of my first week.  :-D

Weight Whine

Remember last summer when I was going to lose weight?  I lost a few pounds, gained them back and forgot about my "diet."

I didn't lose any weight over the winter, but I didn't gain any either.  However, I weighed myself the other day and found that somehow over the past few weeks I have gained around 4 lbs!  Staying that same weight was bad enough, but now I am gaining more?

Well, then after thinking about it I realized my eating has been totally out of control lately.  Oh, I blamed it on being busy and so on, but I was eating way more junk food than I normally allow myself.  A couple weeks ago I remember having pizza and a caramel frap (with whipped cream) for lunch.  Not to mention the tons of breakfast burritos and chocolate I have been consuming.  Honestly, I don't know what I was thinking.  There was a time I could eat like that every day and not gain an ounce, but those days have been gone for years now.

Anyhow, I am totally fed up with myself and since that horrible weigh in two days ago I have been eating naturally low fat food that is good for me.  Hopefully I can stick with it this time and throw in some exercise too.

I suppose there is always Weight Watchers.  My niece has lost almost 10 lbs in three weeks with that, but I would like to avoid it if at all possible.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mom's Day!

Just a few memories of mom, though most of these were taken long before I was born.  The cool thing about my mom is that since she didn't have me until she was nearly 40 years old, her young photos are quite a different era than photos of other people's moms that are my same age.  The thing that amazes me is that she (at least to me) looks totally glamorous in all her photos.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Girls' Shape Ups X F - Mary Jane - SKECHERS Official Site

Skechers is now targeting preschoolers and grade school girls with their shape up type shoes. Messaage: you're never too young to start obsessing about your body or feeling like a huge bag of dung for not having the right body image. They're $50.00 which is not even in the equation for a lot of families; these days, or, ever...

Girls' Shape Ups X F - Mary Jane - SKECHERS Official Site

Sunday, April 17, 2011

1959 Ad for Little Girls

 I don't know what's creepier, the ad itself, the use of the word "squeal," the "lace lavished" design, the little girl's strappy, heeled sandals, or that it comes in "Christmas red." Christmas red?
(Thanks to Boing Boing for item.)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pap Smears at Walgreens

Who needs Planned Parenthood when Walgreens can be your one stop shop for pap smears and mammograms?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Flapper's dictionary: 1922 - Boing Boing

Thanks to Boing Boing for the link to The Flapper's Dictionary:
Flapper's dictionary: 1922 - Boing Boing

Boing Boing shared some definitions of the lingo back then; including "bee's knees," which my grandmother said all the time, and "biscuit" ...

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mad Makow: 'It's OK to be a Woman!'

My favorite madman, Henry Makow, inspired once more by the promises Spring brings, has reposted his 2008 article It's OK to be a Woman! Whew, now that I know it's okay, I can relax. I was getting worried ... of course, I don't count, since I'm over 50 and don't have children. But to young women Makow advises:
You are in the Springtime of your life. Just as flowers blossom now, the years 18-26 are when you are at the height of your fertility and most attractive to males. This is the time when you must marry and have children if you want to be surrounded by loved ones when you are older. We are part of a natural cycle and we can't get a raincheck from nature...
Do not compete with other women on the basis of sex. Let the sluts have the sex.  You are looking for a permanent lifetime commitment. Therefore cultivate the qualities and skills desirable in a wife and a mother.

Oh, there's so much more, including sinister ravings about lesbians, Jews, and the Illuminati (yes! all in the same article! I know!) and I might rant on the rest here or elsewhere, probably Women Of Esoterica. But for now, it's time to get out those pretty dresses and the ironing board, curl your hair, and charm the lads!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Do Day!

As is my custom I let my hair grow all winter and at the first sign of warm weather I could hardly wait to get it cut and colored!  As always I went to my friend KC who has the shop completely to herself on Sun and Mon, when it is technically closed.  I was greeted by her cute assistant "Little Dude."

KC has always been a large dog person, but she found him wandering in traffic a couple years ago and she took him to the pound hoping they would find his owner.  They didn't and nobody adopted him.   She couldn't bear the thought he would be killed and that is how she ended up with a little dog.

First were the highlights:

Like having my own tin foil hat!

There was a bit of a mishap because after adding the overall color some of my highlight streaks started turning really super blond.  I wasn't so sure that I didn't like that, but KC really didn't like it and darkened them up a bit.

Then there was the cut, the result was better before I went outside in the wind, but here it is after that:

I haven't had my hair that light in many years, so it is taking a bit of getting used to.  The cool thing is that Pooka and I kind of match now. :-D

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor's nude portrait at 24 seen for the first time

Elizabeth Taylor's nude portrait at 24 seen for the first time | Mail Online

VIDEO: Indiana GOP Rep Says Women Will Pretend To Be Raped To Get Free Abortions

Hat tip to Piglipstick

TURNER: With all do respect to Rep. Riecken, I understand what she’s trying to do. But as you know that when the federal health care bill was going through Congress there was a lot of discussion whether this would allow for abortion coverage and of course we were all told it would not. And the bill, my house bill 1210, would prevent that for any insurance company to provide abortion coverage under federal health care bill. This [amendment] would open that window and I would ask you to oppose this amendment.

I just want you to think about this, in my view, giant loophole that could be created where someone who could — now i want to be careful, I don’t want to disparage in any way someone who has gone through the experience of a rape or incest — but someone who is desirous of an abortion could simply say that they’ve been raped or there’s incest."

Read the rest -
ThinkProgress » VIDEO: Indiana GOP Rep Says Women Will Pretend To Be Raped To Get Free Abortions

Friday, March 25, 2011

Classic Taylor

"Nobody tells me who to love, or not to love, who to be seen with and who not to be seen with" ~ Elizabeth Taylor

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor Passes

I was sad to read this morning that the last great STAR of the screen, Elizabeth Taylor, has passed away due to heart failure. Elizabeth appeared in so many dozens of great films; it's impossible to choose just one. But one role and movie I've always liked very much was Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, and Taylor's characterization of Maggie. I loved her combination of beauty and a sort of stubborn, fierce strength. Rest in peace, Ms. Taylor, thank you for all of your work and artistry through the years.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Jane Russell, star of '40s and '50s films, dies (AP) - The 83rd Annual Academy Awards� - Yahoo! Movies

Jane Russell, star of '40s and '50s films, dies (AP) - Rest in peace, Ms. Russell.

This is a clip from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, with Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell. In this scene, Russell (who was a sultry brunette) is pretending to be Marilyn Monroe's character.

Here is Russell singing "My Resistance is Low," with Hoagy Carmichael from The Las Vegas Story.

Hey Shark Navigator - wanna send me a freebie?

As I have written here many times - I love my Dyson.  That said, it isn't perfect and doesn't pick up dog hair in carpet as well as I would like.  I have been watching an infommercial for the Shark Navigator which claims to be great at picking up pet hair and that it doesn't get all wrapped around the brush, like on my Dyson.  So I figured it is worth a try to put out a request that someone send me one.  If it works as promised I will not only write a review here, but also at Amazon and elsewhere.

Hey, it is worth a try.  After spending a bunch of money on my new Dyson last year I can't really justify buying another vacuum simply because it claims to be better on pet hair.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Rush Limbaugh: Michelle Obama 'Doesn't Look Like' She Eats Healthy Foods (AUDIO)

Limbaugh chides Michelle Obama's looks:
I'm trying to say that our First Lady does not project the image of women that you might see on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue or of a woman Alex Rodriguez might date every six months or what have you."
Dahlings, like he should talk, ahem.

Politics aside, I think Michelle Obama is beautiful, and she dresses beautifully too. She's a woman. But even that shouldn't matter, as we know. Well, some of us know, Limbaugh doesn't. Oh cynical me, I think he does know, he doesn't care. He's an infotainment clown dishing the gossip to the cotton candy stuffing ignorant.

Rush Limbaugh: Michelle Obama 'Doesn't Look Like' She Eats Healthy Foods (AUDIO)

Miscarry? You're a Murder Suspect

Georgia state representative Bobby Franklin has introduced a bill requiring police to treat women who've miscarried as murder suspects:

Franklin wants to create a Uterus Police to investigate miscarriages, and requires that any time a miscarriage occurs, whether in a hospital or without medical assistance, it must be reported and a fetal death certificate issued. If the cause of death is unknown, it must be investigated. If the woman can't tell how it happened, than those Uterus Police can ask family members and friends how it happened. Hospitals are required to keep records of anyone who has a spontaneous abortion and report it.

Joe. My. God.: GEORGIA: Wingnut GOP Rep Wants Police To Investigate All Miscarriages

Friday, February 11, 2011

Has the fanny pack returned?

I had to laugh at this one; I hate fanny packs. At work we're encouraged to wear them, or something akin to them but no one, and I mean no one, will wear one. A mutiny, I tell you. We wear cross body bags, or stuff things in our pockets, or whatever but fanny packs, no way. NO WAY. EVER. I do like some of these however, including the purple one. But they mostly seem just like cross body purses but lower, or, too thin to really hold anything.

The fanny pack returns! - Once reviled fanny packs get a high-fashion makeover (and an even higher pricetag) on Shine

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


After our UFO conference meeting today I headed over to a local shopping area called Uptown.  My plan was just to go to Trader Joes, but then I decided to also do a quick walk through of the open air mall.  I came across a shop called Francesca's Collection.  I had never been there before and what drew me in wasn't the clothing, but the accessories!

I bought way more accessories than I need considering the boxes and boxes I already have.  What could I do?  They were on clearance and really cheap!  Most of the clothes were too youngish for my taste, but I did buy the vest in that photo and a leopard print scarf. :-)

Anyhow, a fun day for me!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Strange Obsessions: Mother Forces 5 yr old to get brows waxed

 This is very sad; an obsessed and clearly disconnected woman forces her five year old daughter to get her brows waxed for an upcoming beauty pageant. This clip is hard to watch; the child is crying and screaming. The mother doesn't care and says "They call them beauty pageants for a reason..." in defense of her actions.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Aspartame now hiding in your organic food

Not that it isn't already hiding under many names in many different foods.  This is the rule I follow, if anything claims to be low in calories and is something sweet or that normally has sugar -- I don't buy it.  However, there are probably lots of products that I don't think of as containing sugar or that isn't claiming to be low in calories that I might buy being unaware that it contains Aspartame.  At this point I will just have to check every label and try to remember all the many deceptive names.

Sunday, January 2, 2011