Saturday, August 2, 2008

Make-up whoredom

In preparation for splitting town for a mini vacation I stopped by one of my favorite online stores earlier -- Sephora. I needed more Dior show mascara and was too lazy to drive to the mall to get it. Of course, I ended up buying much more than just mascara.

I am kind of a make-up whore, which is weird if you consider that I rarely wear a lot of make up and often times none at all. Still I love trying new colors of eye shadow and lipstick.

It isn't just make-up I buy at Sephora though, I also like to try all kinds of lotions, scrubs, soaps and so on.

One of my favorite things to buy are the travel/gift packs. I like those because you get to try out a variety of products for the price you might spend for only 1 or 2 full sized product. As a result I have an entire drawer full of travel sized lotions, shampoos and so on.

I also have a fairly large box full of samples. Every time you order from Sephora you get to choose 3 free samples from a list of what is available. I am a member and actually get 4, the last one being what I call a super sample because they are bigger and nicer than most free samples. I think I have enough sample bottles of fragrance to last for the next 100 years. Again, it really makes no sense because I rarely wear fragrance and much of it just is thrown away when I discover that it makes me sneeze.

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