Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Exercise -- an excuse to shop!

So after almost a week away from "the spa" (due to the dog bite) I went back on Sunday. Any weight I had lost that previous week I had managed to gain back. Not that it was any surprise. On the bright side, my neck and back still feel great from swimming.

I swam enough laps last night that my arms are actually a little sore. I am going to see if I can lose those few pounds again this week.

Something I discovered now that I am "working out" -- sports bras are wonderful! Much more comfortable than most regular bras. I have been wearing them everywhere lately. I didn't know that some come with actual cups. Seriously, I love them!

Of course, I had to buy more yoga clothes and I have ordered a couple more swimsuits. Now I just need some new shoes. I am not a big fan of athletic shoes, but surely I can find some that I like. After all, they are shoes and I have never had a problem finding shoes that I want to buy. :-)


Laurel said...

What is she doing in those heels?!

I have never had the pleasure of enjoying cute heels because of genetically horrible feet so I have had to live in sports shoes, Birkenstocks and Danskos. Ugh. So, I live vicariously by looking longingly at other women's feet to check out their shoes.

Re: sports bras - have you tried the Lululemon tanks with built in support? I tend to live in them because they are so comfortable. I have a couple of styles, but the cross over front, racer back style in black even works for going out with a jacket or sweater.

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Lesley said...

Actually, I almost never wear heels. I live in Birkenstocks in the summer and flat boots like Uggs in the winter. Just not a big fan of athletic shoes like Nike or New Balance.

I had never heard of Lululemon, but for sure will check them out! I hate bras. Any that are more comfortable, I am willing to try.

Your site is wonderful and I added it to favorites!