Tuesday, August 3, 2010


If you haven't already, check out Regan Lee and Richelle Hawks shops on Etsy.  Not only did they inspire me to get back to making jewelry, but I also found out that you can sell vintage items that aren't handmade on Etsy.  Oh my, I have boxes and boxes of vintage jewelry, jewelry components and other vintage items.  Being that they are in storage, they are doing me no good sitting there, so I might as well try to get rid of some stuff.

I spent time yesterday setting up my shop.  It isn't totally finished and I have nothing for sale yet, but within a few days I should.  Obviously I don't expect to be rolling in cash from it, mostly it is for fun and gives me a good excuse to go through all my jewelry stuff and get inspired to make new things.

I also posted some photos of some of my beadwork on facebook.  None of it is for sale -- just my personal collection. :-)

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