Friday, February 11, 2011

Has the fanny pack returned?

I had to laugh at this one; I hate fanny packs. At work we're encouraged to wear them, or something akin to them but no one, and I mean no one, will wear one. A mutiny, I tell you. We wear cross body bags, or stuff things in our pockets, or whatever but fanny packs, no way. NO WAY. EVER. I do like some of these however, including the purple one. But they mostly seem just like cross body purses but lower, or, too thin to really hold anything.

The fanny pack returns! - Once reviled fanny packs get a high-fashion makeover (and an even higher pricetag) on Shine


Lesley said...

I'll admit it - I love fanny packs! I use them when I hike or do anything that will require a lot of walking. I understand they look dumb, but backpacks or shoulder bags cause my bad back and neck to freak out. I have some really colorful ones and I love that some have pockets for my water bottles. :-D

The Girlie Blog said...

My husband had neon fanny packs. They were pretty funny.