Sunday, October 14, 2012

'My Boss Told Me My Hair and Makeup Were Holding Me Back'

I realize in probably the "real world" this is absolutely true. I just can't relate; I've always avoided, or chosen, another path. Fortunately, where I live, combined with the job I have -- and the union -- I'm kept from ever having to experience this total bizarre bullshit. Also, I'm close to retirement and don't give a damn.

Rosalind Russell, His Girl Friday 1940

In many ways what Jezebel went through is for the reasons stated: getting ahead, and the corporate world rewards those who look the part. But another part of this is simply the game of control. I've had crummy jobs that paid minium wage or less, if you were in the food industry, since tips were considered part of your wages. I worked in places that held inspections. One chain restuaurant had us -- adults, mind you, -- line up while a female corporate executive walked up and down, making the most personal and rudest of comments about our hair, faces, looks, size, breasts, jewelry, make-up, you name it. I was told once by a male boss to "wear a bra" -- I was! -- and from then on he made it a point to have me stand off in a corner while he looked at my chest for five mintues to make sure I was wearing a bra. Oh I could go on but you get the picture.

My Boss Told Me My Hair and Makeup Were Holding Me Back

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Lesley Gunter said...

Yeah right, making sure you were wearing a bra by staring at your breast for 5 minutes. I can't say I have ever had anything quite that bad. About the worst was a year where I had to work for an asshole who was always checking me out and kept asking me out. He just wouldn't take "no, I hate you" for an answer. I finally made enough noise about him with the assistant manager (who was a complete bitch) that he was either going to stop or I was going to sue the company that she reported him and he was fired. Oh, but don't think that corporate didn't consider it totally my fault! After he was fired my hours were cut from being a full time employee to about 12 hours per week.