Thursday, November 12, 2009

Old Guy 1, Lesley 0

So there I was at the gym for my nightly work out. I go to the upstairs room I like to exercise in and as normal almost nobody is there -- just an old man. I think to myself how cute it is for someone his age (at least 70) to be there at the gym. He is a tall man, but he doesn't look to be in great shape, not really fat, but a beer belly for sure. I like to work out on the precor machines like the one above because they don't cause me as much back pain as treadmills or running on pavement. I am feeling kind of tired and think to myself that I will just do a mile rather than the 2 miles I have been doing lately. So get to a mile and I realize the old guy is still at it and he is going way faster than I have been going and I don't know how long he had been there before I arrived. So I am thinking to myself that I can't quit before this old guy -- I should be able to hang in there longer than he can, right? I keep going and even speed up to try to be as fast as he is. At about 1.5 miles my legs start feeling sore and I get this little pinch like pain in my tummy area, so I slow way down and eventually the pains go away. Later I make it to my normal 2 miles and he is still going at it, really fast too. Finally, when I am at about 2.10 miles he leaves!

Yes, I am now paying for that. Obviously I strained some muscles or something (I don't claim to know about sports injuries) in my right thigh all the way down to my knee and although my knee is better today, Tuesday night it was rather painful.

I am not normally competitive, but I guess I was hoping that there was someone that I was more athletic than and I thought the old guy would be the one -- I guess not. :)


Alfred Lehmberg said...

Hey! Don't presume on old guys! [g].

Too, here's an odd synchronism. The picture code I had to type to post was "bousen," which is almost the German word for "breast."

Lesley said...

I hope that isn't a 'sign' that I am suppose to get my boob checked again. I am past due on that, by a long ways.

Kitty said...

that was soooo weird!