Monday, November 16, 2009

What is rogue about her?

Ok, I just finished watching the Oprah interview with Sarah Palin, though I hate to admit it. I sat there watching and wondering -- what is rogue about this woman? She reminds me of many moms I knew when I was a kid. They weren't called soccer moms or hockey moms back then, they were PTA moms. I know lots women that are like Sarah now. Oh, most of them seem smarter, but basically they are working moms and not really any different than Palin other than they don't have Governor on their resume. Other than running for Governor of Alaska, I fail to see any "rogue" choice that Palin has made (not that running for Governor is really what I consider "rogue," but some consider it at least ballsy). She didn't choose to be McCain's running mate, she was chosen and not many people would say no to that. Many women choose to have down syndrome babies. Many women choose to work and have a family -- in fact, most women do.

It seems to me that a true rogue woman would choose to have no children and no real job. Instead they would live off the land with their lover (who might be female) in the back country of Alaska.

I don't really like to pick on other women, but when a woman considers herself some kind of rogue -- she should have at least done something a bit roguish.


Bunny said...

Well, I almost fit the bill! I have a 'real' job however. Though, in the next 5 years we expect to be living on the mountain (Hood) in an eco-home hat we will build. And by "we" I mean "my partner." I'll be drinking lemonade in the shade and directing.

I will never give up makeup or running water, though! :p

Lesley said...

No need to give up running water just to seem more rogue!

Deirdre Bunny said...