Friday, March 12, 2010

Aspartame (formaldehyde) doesn't help to lose weight

Several months ago I ran into an old friend of mine at a health food store. She was there looking for Agave sweetner. Even though she works out like a maniac (seriously - like a maniac) and watches what she eats, she could not manage to lose any weight and so she visited a doctor. That doctor told her that one of her problems was using Aspartame sweetner and sent her in search of all natural sweetner. So even though women (and men) take the risk of eating and drinking what is basically formaldehyde (you know, the stuff they embalm dead people with), it apparently doesn't even help to lose weight. What a rip off!

Frankly, I had always wondered. Years ago, my sister who had a terrible coke habit, switched to diet sodas and other no sugar foods. She drank at least a 6 pack per day (though I imagine more than that) and you would think that switching to a diet soda and no sugar foods, since she really didn't eat much, would have caused her to lose a few pounds, but no.


Regan Lee said...

Oh that stuff is evil. I stay away from anything that has aspartame, and similar sweeteners. If I have to have something sweet added to something, I use honey or stevia, or sometimes agave.

The history of aspartame is chilling: read
Aspartame: Rumsfeld's Bioweapon. The FDA had said NO to aspartame, but Rumsfeld was CEO of Searle and got it through. A lot there...

Beware of the newest: Truvia. It's not natural, though it pushes itself as a natural alternative.

Lesley said...

Actually, I have always partly blamed my sister Debi's death on Aspartame. Her health problems got much worse once she switched from using sugar to aspartame. I begged her to quit drinking that crap, but she never listened to me. I totally flipped out once when I saw that she and my niece were giving my niece's 3 year old daughter diet pepsi. I made them promise to NEVER do that again. There is no reason a 3 year old needs diet drinks, especially since she wasn't the least over weight.

I always check every label now because for a short while I was buying "lite" yogurt and one day I checked the label and found that it contained aspartame. I will gladly take the extra calories rather than the poison.

And not only is it poison, but it doesn't even help people to lose weight.