Friday, February 12, 2010

For Men - What we don't want for Valentine's Day

Contrary to what TV and radio might make you believe, most of us don't want pajamas

or a teddy bear

We are your wife or your girlfriend, not your daughter or niece.

I think I speak for most women when I say we would rather have jewelry, even if it isn't the expensive kind. I would love a sterling silver heart necklace (especially if it were engraved with something special) waaaaaaaaay more than either of those things above.

Other good choices are more tried a true standbys (there is a reason they are always popular) chocolate, flowers and/or a romantic dinner somewhere nice. Lingerie isn't bad either, just not those pajamas they constantly advertise on TV - something way sexier than that. Although, I think a box of chocolates (or something else) with lingerie is a good match because likely the lingerie is more for the guy than the lady (I think that is true even if your lover is another woman). :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

7 Reasons You're Still Overweight (and How to Get Slim Fast)

7 Reasons You're Still Overweight (and How to Get Slim Fast) on Yahoo! Health

#7. Overweight people skip breakfast.
A simple habit, but missing this crucial meal raises your risk of obesity by a whopping 450 percent! Start your day with some lean protein and fiber—which will jumpstart your metabolism and keep you full. (An egg sandwich is actually a great choice.)

I keep hearing this and so I guess I will try to start eating breakfast. I have never eaten breakfast, except for when I am on vacation, which for some reason makes me extra hungry. Even as a child my grandmother would cook these huge breakfast meals with hash browns, bacon, eggs, toast and I would take about two bites and feed the rest to the dog. I am not hungry when I have just got up from sleep, it normally takes at least 2 hours.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Evolving Diet Thoughts

So it occurred to me at the grocery store today, it isn't that I eat a lot - it is what I eat that is the problem. Most days I have 1 meal, instead of three meals I snack a lot. Normally my snacks are more fattening than my meals. My favorite being salami, yogurt with mint (and/or sometimes cheese) and crackers (triscuit hint of salt) or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Also, add lots of chocolate throughout the day and anything else that is easy to grab like crackers (luckily I have never cared much for potato chips, unless they are BBQ which I rarely buy). So anyway I thought to myself that I will never eat more healthy and less fattening unless those healthy snacks are easy to grab, which means I always need a lots of washed and cut fresh veggies and fruit, ready for me to grab and eat. So that is what I did when I returned from the grocery, washing and cutting -- ready for when I get hungry.

I also bought some Boca burgers. I have never really minded those. They don't taste like a hamburger and anyone that tells you they do are lying, but they don't taste bad. I also found these amazing buns -

I have never really cared for big thick buns anyhow and these only have 100 calories, which is less than half of a regular bun and less than a wheat pita pocket or whole wheat tortilla. I haven't eat one yet, but I took a nibble and they seemed tasty.

All that said, somethings I consider outside the realm of diet. For example, when we go out to dinner (which we don't do very often, once a week at most) I will eat whatever I want. If I make myself feel too deprived this will not work. I will do my best to stay away from white at home and to make the less fattening choice, so long as it is bearable. There are some low fat things that are unbearable - mayo and cheese come to mind. I would rather have neither if I have to do the no or low fat alternative. I also stay away from most things that are not naturally low fat because often they have aspartame sweetner or something equally as bad. If I wanted to eat formaldehyde I would just buy some. Also, I am convinced that the stuff they call margarine is really just whipped plastic. Although, there is a yogurt spread (that I will start buying again) that is pretty tasty and all natural.

So those are my updated plans. We will see if they do any good.