Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Do Day!

As is my custom I let my hair grow all winter and at the first sign of warm weather I could hardly wait to get it cut and colored!  As always I went to my friend KC who has the shop completely to herself on Sun and Mon, when it is technically closed.  I was greeted by her cute assistant "Little Dude."

KC has always been a large dog person, but she found him wandering in traffic a couple years ago and she took him to the pound hoping they would find his owner.  They didn't and nobody adopted him.   She couldn't bear the thought he would be killed and that is how she ended up with a little dog.

First were the highlights:

Like having my own tin foil hat!

There was a bit of a mishap because after adding the overall color some of my highlight streaks started turning really super blond.  I wasn't so sure that I didn't like that, but KC really didn't like it and darkened them up a bit.

Then there was the cut, the result was better before I went outside in the wind, but here it is after that:

I haven't had my hair that light in many years, so it is taking a bit of getting used to.  The cool thing is that Pooka and I kind of match now. :-D