Friday, November 7, 2008

Palin Repo

I am no fan of Sarah Palin's, not one bit. But what her own people are doing to her now is disgusting; they've thrown her to the wolves (sorry, that was in bad taste; nothing funny about her support of killing wolves) -- aside from all the backpedaling her own party is doing to her, they've sent a GOP lawyer to Alaska to repossess the clothes bought for her during the campaign.

The Huffington Post has some good things to say about this.

(And what is it about Republican women in high places and stiletto heeled, shiny black boots?)


Lesley said...

Since they made a big deal about how the clothes were going to charity after the election maybe they feel obligated to not lie about something.

I totally believe everything these people are saying about Palin. However, they were perfectly fine with lying and trying to make people think she was smart during the election. So I guess it is perfectly fine with them that they are big fat liars and we are suppose to only hate her. They suck even more than she does.

Lesley said...

Also, I love those boots and have that same style of boot myself. Not only Repugs love those!