Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pole-dancing Mormons make push for Olympics (seriously)

I suppose that as long as it isn't gay pole dancing it is OK.
Pole-dancing Mormons make push for Olympics (seriously)


Seth R. said...

Something you guys don't seem to get is that only about 40% of the Salt Lake area is actually Mormon by affiliation.

Of those that are Mormons, they aren't a monolithic block of identical clones. We have some Mormons who go to church regularly, follow the prophet, and probably supported Prop 8. But then you have a huge population of Mormons who are just indifferent to religious observance and are mostly just Mormon because their parents were - kind of an almost ethnic thing.

Then there are Mormon radicals, Mormon loyal opposition, lapsed Mormons, ex-Mormons, all sorts.

You can't just peg an entire population like this. It's quite likely that the women in that particular news story didn't support or care about Prop 8 in the slightest.

Lesley said...

Then there is the question of why people who don't agree with the church consider themselves Mormons? The same could be asked of many Catholics. If they don't believe the basic teaching of the church, why do they consider themselves part of that religion or even want to be part of it? I was also raised in a religious home, but when I grew up I realized that I didn't believe that way and I no longer considered myself a member of any religion.