Monday, December 22, 2008

1980's and BIG HAIR -- Memories

There was very little that was any cooler than the clothes and hair in the Love is a Battlefield video, but it was all because of ATTITUDE!

Cyndi is the one who let me know that any hair color is fine and more than one is even better. Oh, those big earrings with faces on them, it is hard to find things like that these days.

Madonna made me desperately want and buy those big bow things for my hair and lace gloves with cut out fingers.

Oh and that big hair! I don't know about everyone else, but to get hair that big I had to always be permed. I still can't believe I got up hours before I had to be anywhere just to do my BIG hair. Hair spray, scrunch spray, mousse, blow driers and most importantly -- curling irons. It is a wonder my hair survived.

I didn't have shiny black vinyl pants, but I did have lots of legging. Yeah, long shirts and a belt went with those. Who could live without some ankle boots to go with that outfit?

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