Monday, April 5, 2010

Brown Pumps

Bought new shoes today, a sort of Mary Jane style, I mean what the hell why not. They're surprisingly comfortable; I don't usually wear heels but these feel fine. Nothing fancy and certainly not high end in any way; cheap-o Payless shoes but they'll do! I like them too because they're a nice brown; I'm so tired of black!


Lesley said...

Very cute! I love them!

jen said...

These are great. I have them in black. I didn't see them in brown when I went, or I would have gotten them! Also, to cure the sore foots from high heels problem, I bought so of those rollable flats. They're lifesavers for higher-heeled shoes. Highly recommend. Think I got 'em at goodtobeyou? Hard to remember.