Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dr Oz about Artificial Sweetners and Weight Loss

Although, I disagree with him about no evidence they are dangerous (aspartame wouldn't be banned in so many countries if there were no evidence) he does explain well why it doesn't help you to lose weight.  Personally I think that is true of all diet food (meaning anything that isn't naturally low fat or low calories).  True story -- I did not start gaining weight until several years ago when Britton needed to go on a diet because of blood pressure and cholesterol problems.  At that time I started buying mostly low fat foods instead of the normal types of food I had always bought and that is when I started gaining weight.  Maybe it was just a coincidence, but it is an awfully odd one.  Anyhow, I still think portion control is the key to weight loss rather than what you eat.

From The Larry King Show:

KING: Another question from King's Things, our Twitter: is there any danger in consuming artificial sweeteners.

OZ: I'm not a big fan of artificial sweeteners. I have to be clear in saying that there's no compelling evidence that they're dangerous, or they cause cancer in the doses humans normally take. But here's the real argument, Larry -- I mean, these products, the diet sodas, for example, that are commonly imbibed by Americans, I mean, they are sold by big companies that have marketing budgets. If they truly helped you diet, don't you think they'd present that data and show you can lose weight if you had a diet soda?

The reality is, Larry, you don't lose weight with diet soda. So they don't accomplish their main goal. In fact, if you sat down and had a cup of iced tea and a tablespoon of sugar, you know how many calories you'd get? Give me an idea?

KING: A hundred?

OZ: Twelve, 12 calories? I'd rather you put real sugar in a the tea, enjoy a little sweetness with it. Get your 12 calories. You're going to get your 12 calories anyway. Don't get fooled. When you have an artificial sweetener, Larry, what happens is your brain is smart enough to realize you're giving itself something sweet but no calories with it. It's reminding you, hey guy, you cheated me, give me back the calories you promised me. People who have artificial sweetener in their diet tend to get more obesity.

KING: We will try to be equal to that task. We'll be right back.

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