Monday, April 5, 2010

My Girlie Plans for Today

After more than an entire winter, I think since last August, I am going to get a hair cut.  My friend KC got her license several months ago and she will be cutting it at the salon she works at.  So it is double fun!  I get to have my hair cut and I get to hang out with KC for a bit.

After that I have something else planned, though I am not sure how girlie it is.  I will be shopping for and hopefully buying the 64 gb iPad.  I suppose if they don't have any left at Best Buy I will have to order one, but Albuquerque isn't like big cities (LA and NYC) people weren't camping out over night to get one, so I think my chances are pretty good.

I would take before and after pictures of my hair, but my built in camera on the macbook doesn't seem to be working.  It does that sometimes and then starts working again at a later date -- I have no clue why.  Maybe I will try taking photos with my regular digital camera.

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