Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Prince Poppycock's Got Talent

I normally don't watch the competitive TV talent shows, not even American Idol (except the auditions).  However, several weeks back I was flipping through channels and came across Prince Poppycock on America's Got Talent.  I thought he was wonderful!  He wasn't just standing there singing, he had an entire act, props and costumes!  Last night was the final show and Prince Poppycock came in 4th (last of the remaining contestants).  The other acts were good and actually I had expected the 10 year old adorable and great opera singing girl to win (she didn't), but I didn't expect PP to come in last!  Really I thought the dancers would.  I am sure that is my own personal spin since I don't care for dancing unless it is some some sexy tango.  Anyhow, it kind of made me wonder if I am just weird?  Well, OK, I know I am, but does that make me no judge of entertaiment?  Maybe I am not so weird and America is just totally even more homophobic than I had realized?  Especially with the Tea Bagger movement doing so well lately?  Guess it doesn't really matter, but it does give me an excuse to post my favorite PP performance, which I realize will bleed over into the sidebar.

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