Monday, September 13, 2010

The ugliest shoes, well, ever on Shine

A lot of these I don't find that ugly.  Love Uggs!  I especially like those black UGG looking boots with the silver stars.  However, the hoof ones in the photo have to be among the ugliest ever!  Unless you are dressing as a goat for Halloween.
Iris Schieferstein hoof heels - The ugliest shoes, well, ever on Shine


Regan Lee said...

Those are downright offensively ugly -- I think the designer was having a pyschotic episode.

Lesley said...

Offensive is a good word for those.

Anonymous said...

They are likely made out of acrylic and not real animal matter; I'd rather see some loon wear these than crash into the WTC or harm others.

We all have our weird Isms; nobody is normal. If it harms no one, who gives a care?

For the record, goats have cloven hooves. How do people graduate Elementary School?