Monday, September 6, 2010

Yeah, I take out my anger by buying clothing. So what?

OK, so I am thinking I can get out of my grumpy mood by talking about girlie stuff and then go to sleep - we will see.

The nearest clothing store to my house is Cato, it is less than 5 minutes away.  Not sure if that is good or bad.  Anyhow, whenever I feel, not sure what the word is - not really depressed, but more like irritated and angry (normally for no real reason) I head up there to relieve my pain for a short while.  All girls know the shopping high doesn't last long, but it is good while it does last.

Cato, is not only close to my house, but I actually like a lot of their clothing.  Number 1, because a lot of it is 100% cotton.  Honestly, I can't stand rayon or polyester.  Well, I could wear it for a short time if it was something really awesome looking, but it isn't something I would feel comfortable in or want to wear all day.  My favorite thing about Cato is all those cotton blouses!

This year there are lots of plaid prints.  Not just your normal plaid shirts, a lot of them have beads or studs and really cute cuts.  That was how I ended up spending around $100 in their clearance racks.  About 8 shirts, some sunglasses and the cutest leopard print scarf ever!  That was Saturday evening and it was enough of a high to last until Sunday!

I wonder if men ever do that?  Only instead of a clothing shop they head to Home Depot or somewhere like that?  I don't think any of them would ever admit it.

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