Friday, September 12, 2008

Fall Shopping Obsession

Oh sure, I love checking out the new Fall clothes. I love cozy sweaters and new jeans, but my number 1 Fall shopping obsession is BOOTS!

OMG! I love boots!

I wear boots all through Fall and Winter. I have just about any style or color that you could imagine.

A man would never understand the need for all those boots, but there is a need, at least somewhat. There are different categories along with subcategories for boots and shoes in general.

First there are the every day boots. Last year I switched mostly between two pairs, the Uggs at the top of this post and my Sugar boots below.

I also have special boots that I would wear out somewhere special, but not anywhere that I knew I was going to have to do much walking. Like these --

Then there are the nice boots that I can wear out somewhere special that I might have to do some walking in. Those are normally knee high leather boots (flats, of course) and I always like ones that have some sort of decoration like buckles, buttons or even rhinestones.

Then there are other categories like snow boots, rain boots and so on. I even have "dress" snow boots. :-)

I also have a pair of hand tooled leather cowboy boots, with 2 inch heels that I have had at least 5 years and never worn. They are beautiful boots and I couldn't resist the price, they were marked down from $250 to around $80, but they are totally uncomfortable even for just sitting. Yet, I can't bear to get rid of them.

Yes, I know what PETA people think about leather shoes and yet as long as people continue to eat meat (including myself) I refuse to stop wearing leather. I HATE plastic shoes. They do not conform to your feet or stretch like leather and they make your feet smell horrible. I know that maybe that is a contradiction given my love of animals, but so be it.

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