Monday, September 15, 2008

Refreshing your face

I just did a clay mask a few minutes ago. It felt great! Besides which it tightens the skin and detoxifies leaving your face looking and feeling fantastic! Why don't I do this more often I asked myself? I couldn't really come up with an answer and decided from now on I will try to remember to do it once a week.

This is my special little added trick -- I use French pink clay (sometimes called French red clay), but you can also use french green clay or any type of clay powder that you like. What I do is add a little bit of Vitamin C powder for extra antioxidants.

I also often add vitamin C powder to my regular face cream too. Just scoop out the amount of cream you are going to use, add the powder and mix. It is far cheaper than the expensive vitamin C antioxidant moisturizers and the exact same thing. A bottle of Vitamin C powder literally lasts for years even if you mix it with cream every day and you can turn all your favorite creams into antioxidant creams!

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