Saturday, September 27, 2008

Less than a week away!

Yep, next Thursday the wanna be beauty queen takes center stage.

Just because she is a woman does not mean that I can't speak the truth -- she is a slap in the face to every qualified woman that John McCain could have chosen as his running mate.

Probably most of us have seen her interviews. I have seen a more intelligent grasp of world issues from any and every woman I know. Still, one has to know that she is in some room somewhere with a bunch of "instructors" trying to teach her to sound intelligent for the debate. Will they succeed in keeping her from totally embarrassing herself, the Republican party and all women everywhere? I have my doubts.

Any bets on what Mrs. Palin will wear next Thursday? I am pretty sure her hair will be up in that weird hairdo (if there is a name for it I don't know it), she will be wearing a suit, but a skirt suit -- not pants. Any guesses on color? I will guess grey, but it also could be black, a dark blue or brown.

Really it is Joe Biden who has the hard job next Thursday. I am sure he could destroy her easily, but then he would be considered mean. Things like that make clear that men and women are not considered equal. If he destroyed a man in a debate it would be perfectly OK, but not a woman because I guess that would hurt her feelings and might make her cry or something. Nothing pisses me off more than so-called feminists who think every legitimate strike at Sarah Palin is sexist. It isn't because she is a woman, it is because she is unqualified -- wake up!


Regan Lee said...

Ralph Nader was on Bill Mahr last night, and he really lit into Mahr for being sexist because Mahr, no surprise, was really letting Palin have it.

I couldn't believe that Nader was being so dense, and in fact, he was being sexist himself; he was putting Palin on a pedestal, immune from criticism because she's a woman. That's sexist, not attacking Palin.

I don't like Palin one damn bit. And I consider myself a feminist.

She's not pro choice, she's for big business/corporate global cabal stuff, she has blood lust, she's for banning books, she's a religious fundie, she's voted against aid to children and families, not putting them first -- what's feminist about any of those things?

But you know, I don't want to go on or anyting :)

Lesley said...

I also saw Nader on Maher and he pissed me off when he did that. I know that Ralph Nader is smarter than that and I could only wonder if he was pandering to a certain section of the population.

I agree with Maher -- Sarah Palin is a bimbo and I don't believe it is sexist to say so.

If you ask me the election of Sarah Palin as VP or (God forbid) President would not help women, it would more likely set us back decades.

Anonymous said...

Maher suffers from Small Man's Disease - he's about 5' 4 ". And he's made big fun out of the subject of Ufology and Abductions on his show(tearing into Whitley Streiber and fawning over
Smarmy Shirmer).

Nader's right. And what's with the press blackout on Joe "God Bless Ya" Biden's pagliarisms and his lying about being shot at in Iraq and/or Afghanistan. The liberal elites tore Hillary Clinton a new one for her tall tale about coming under fire, but Biden skates on an even bigger tall tale. It's because Clinton was in the way of Obama getting the Democratic nomination.

- Snippy, the Horse