Thursday, June 3, 2010

More Shoes and Stuff

I know it is easy to think that I love shoes and mostly I do, but not in the summer.  I live it NM, it is hot here and in the summer I can’t stand to have my feet confined in a shoe, any type of enclosed shoe (or socks) makes me miserable.  So that is why when I bought new hiking shoes Tuesday, they were Teva sandals.  Oh yes, I know the problem with sandals, little rocks can get under your feet and it is easier for creatures like ants to get to you and bite you -- I am willing to put up with that.  I haven’t had any Teva shoes for a while, but they do have great soles for hiking, especially compared to what I had been wearing which were burkies and betulas. :-) 

Actually, I noticed yesterday when we took a short hike that the soles slip less than my New Balance athletic shoes.  I only had one very minor slip, unlike most days.  Slips where I don’t fall on my ass wouldn’t be so bad except they almost always cause me to twist which throws my back out of whack.

Just so you know that I don't only buy shoes, check out these great notebooks I got at borders for 75% off:


Regan Lee said...

I love those sandals; they're funky and all but very comfortable and in the summer, sometimes they're the only thing that will do when you're hiking, etc. Worth the few little rocks, etc. that get in there...

(fun notebooks)

Deirdre Bunny said...

I also cannot stand to have my feet confined in the summer. Well, actually, year round, but I'm more ok with it in the winter (probably because I need to be). I have a ton of sandals -- more than any one girl should own -- but if I can help it, I go barefoot most of the spring/summer.

Nice Teva's btw. I have some knock-off Teva's for river-hiking (Magz and I go up to the Old Salmon River on Mount Hood in the Summer and hike in the river).