Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pregnancy and Purity Balls

I was just watching TV and an ad came on for something called The Pregnancy Line.  They give a number that women that just found out they are pregnant and don't know what to do can call for help.  So I looked them up online and the site asks for your zip code so they can refer you to someone near you, where you can hear more about your "options."  So I did that and the only clinic they gave me was something called "Care Net Pregnancy Center."  I am pretty familiar with woman's clinics here and I had never heard of that, so I became even more suspicious than I already was.  They didn't give an url for this clinic so I googled it and sure enough -- it is a fundie Christian group that puts on "Purity Balls" among their activities.  So warning to all women that really want to know your options and not simply why you shouldn't have an abortion -- stay away from something called The Pregnancy Line.

Possibly I am wrong, but isn't illegal for such groups to advertise on TV without disclosing that they are a religious group or referring people to religious groups?

Let me leave you with a couple photos of purity balls so we can all remember how creepy and incestuous they seem.


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