Friday, June 18, 2010

Rudeness is not excusable because you are a man and impatient!

Just venting -- Early this evening I made a run to the grocery store.  I always shop at this particular one even though there is another right across the street.  The reasons being -- it is normally less crowded because it is slightly more expensive, I don't need to keep track on one of those stupid store cards to get the sales price, but most of all I shop there because everyone is so nice and they all know me and talk to me.

It was around 9 pm and there was only one line open when I got in line.  There were probably about 4 people in front of me, most only having a case of beer (it is Friday night in NM).  I think one person maybe had around a dozen items.  This asshole gets in line behind me and automatically starts bitching loudly about there only being one line open.  Mind you, this is after he asked someone and they said another would be opening in a minute -- they were just counting the drawer or something.  Even this man's wife (or whoever she was) seems to get annoyed by him and she takes off and leaves him in line alone.  Then he starts griping to the woman behind him.  Two of the people in front of me have already checked out and there are only two to go.  So I say it is no big deal because the line is moving fast.  I have been in line all of about 2 minutes and already they are opening another lane which they take the person in front of me and me to.  So now he only has 1 person in front of him and he asks to see the manager!  The guy that has just opened the new lane tells him he is the manager and the guy complains about having to wait in line!   OK, so I had enough of this and I said loudly (to make sure asshole heard me) that I had no idea what people were complaining about since I only had to wait in line for about 2 minutes and they all got in line after me.  That was greeted by total silence from the line next to me.  Apparently asshole realized he had pretty much complained about nothing. 

However, the thing that irritated me even more was that although he got quiet after that he then started whining to the woman behind him that basically he couldn't help being an asshole because he hated waiting in line and is impatient and she totally excused his behavior by telling him that she didn't like waiting in line either.  Yes and that would have been fine if they had actually had to wait in a line for more than 2 minutes!  I felt as though this older woman also thought he was an asshole but was excusing his behavior because she didn't want any trouble.  I couldn't judge the reaction of any men to him, since there were none around.  The guy was kind of tall and was wearing a harley davidson jacket, but so obviously was a biker poser -- the kind that would be terrified of a real biker.

I know it is a small thing in the scheme of things that are ruining the world, but I really wish that other people would have a bit o' balls and not let people get away with rudeness.  If rude people were constantly shamed by society they would keep their rudeness to themselves.  I also wonder about this man's wife or girlfriend that was with him -- does she just ignore this crap and let him think it is perfectly OK to act that way?  Most women wouldn't put up with another woman acting that way, but many will totally let men get away with it.  That pisses me off too! 

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