Sunday, June 27, 2010

A random thought on foodiness

It occurs to me sometimes that my rather unhealthy obsession with food stems back to childhood.  Not in the way most would think though.  I grew up mainly living with my grandmother, who on Christmas or Easter, could be a great cook.  However the rest of the time our meals were totally dull and easy -- some sort of meat, baked potato and some sort of canned vegetable.  To this very day -- I can't force down more than a bite of canned veggies.  This is also true -- I was around 12 years old (whenever kids stop getting kids meals at restaurants) before I EVER had a salad and only then because I was served one with a meal at a restaurant.  After that I wanted salad all of the time and this seemed to totally shock my grandmother.  There were lots of foods we just never had, like ethnic foods.  Even pasta, except for mac and cheese, was something we never had.  Once I became an adult I realized there was a whole world of food out there that I had never been given and that were totally delicious!  I blame that for turning me into such a foodie, kind of like I am making up for lost time.  :-)  Luckily, for most of my life I had an incredibly high metabolism.  I could easily out eat my sister's 200+ lbs husband without blinking an eye and without gaining an ounce -- God, I miss those days!  I know that I am over 40, but this new waistline totally depresses me at times, but at least I can blame it on Grandma.

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