Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Hair Prep!

Tomorrow my friend K.C. is cutting my hair.  I am pretty sure I am going have her dye it some shade of red -- whatever would come out lightest for my hair and then I am going to either have her add (if she has time) or I will add blond streaks through it.  I feel like a big change!  I have had such boring hair these past several years.  When I was younger I would always dye it funky colors like pink and blue, but not in recent years and I really miss it.

Now aside from that, I have all my witchy halloween make-up ready.  I will admit it -- I don't like being ugly for Halloween, so hopefully it is a sexy witch.  As soon as my hair is how I want it I will do a trial run of everything. :-))


Regan Lee said...

Lesley, sounds nice. And I say that because, once again, we seem to be in parallel universes... I got my hair cut short today, and next week have an appointment for the same thing: reddish, with blonde highlights :)

Lesley said...

I didn't get the highlights today and I was going to do them myself, but it is so much easier to have KC do it. Anyhow, she had already worked her other job today before my appointment and doing highlights would have taken like 45 more minutes of her time, so I decided to wait - don't want to overwork the poor girl. :-) Maybe next Monday though or I might try doing them myself if I really want them before then.

Anyhow, I am really happy with the color (copper red) and I just had my hair slightly trimmed so no big change with the cut.