Saturday, October 30, 2010

Year of the Woman in NM?

Yes, those are my two choices for Governor.  The top photo being Democrat - Diane Denish.  Below that the Republican - Susanna Martinez.  Actually, I already voted for Denish, but it was once again just choosing the lesser of two evils.  I couldn't possibly vote for Martinez after she was endorsed by Palin.

I feel cheated because I should be happy that no matter what happens, NM will have a woman Governor, but I not.  Neither of these women have the ideas or even charisma of a turnip.  The really really sad thing is that if you compare them to many of the other women running for office nationally this year, say in Nevada, California and Delaware, I guess that I really should be happy.  It looks like Martinez will probably win and even though she was endorsed by Sarah Palin, she is not the crazed tea bagger that those other women are.  Well, or if she is - she hides it pretty well.

I suppose things could be worse -- I could had to choose the lesser evil from two men (like normal).

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