Sunday, October 3, 2010

Olay Site: Personal Care System

In my fifites, and I need help. I go to the magic facial cream aisle, and walk away without buying anything because I'm so confused and overwhelmed. So far, I've been using a daily mosturizer with sunscreen, exfoliant, facial cleansing soap at night, and whatever night creams my mother or girlfriends pass on to me. Oh, and I use the rolly ball thingie; the Garnier anti puff eye treatment, which is fun and it does seem to help.

Determined to go back into the confusing magic face cream realm and come away with at least a good firming wrinkle banishing (or at least, diminishing) face cream, I went to the Olay site. They have a nice system over there where you answer questions about your personal skin type, your style, your needs, and they make recommendations based on that. They've very aware of the overwhelm factor; for people like myself, with adult ADHD, it's very soothing. Calming background music, soothing female voice assuring you there's no pressure, lol.

So I came away with a "plan" and I'll report back on the results. I do like Olay products; I have sensitive skin and some brands I just can't tolerate but with Olay, I haven't had any problems.

For my particular style and needs, they recommend the Definity line.

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