Saturday, October 4, 2008

Mom Has a Blog! Thoughts on Palin

My mom, eighty years old, has a blog. It's pretty limited, since it's on Web TV, and it only gives her a page, which means she has to delete her entries every couple of weeks or so. I've set up a blog for her on blogspot but she hasn't responded; sigh, you know moms. Still, very good for her! Mom's still got it, and she isn't too pleased with Palin, McPalin, Bush, etc. at all. Her latest two cents on Sarah Palin:
"fresh", " down to earth"," Washington Outsider"......allthe winks, " you betchas" and folksiness don't add up to a hill of beans.....didn't we just have eight years of the same from the S___ Kicker from Texas?

I love it. For a bit more you can visit my blog Alice Surreal; look on the menu on the right under "Mom Has a Blog" for more entries and link to her blog.

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