Friday, October 10, 2008

'What Will She Do With It?'

This image appeared on the cover to the August 7th, 1920 issue of Leslie's Illustrated Weekly Newspaper, just a few days prior to the ratification of Nineteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, allowing women the right to vote.

The caption on the cover asks
"What Will She Do With It?", looking ahead to the presidential election coming that November, the first in which women in every state could exercise that right.
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I'm Learning To Share!: 'What Will She Do With It?' - - James Montgomery Flagg magazine cover illustration, 1920

Adam Gorightly sent me that link earlier. I am ever the fan of Leslie's newspaper even though they spell Lesley wrong. I especially liked this one because it had to do with the first election in which women were allowed to vote and the caption says "What will she do with it?" What does that even mean? It isn't like women could elect Satan, he wasn't even on the ballot. Although, I suppose there was still the risk that they would do something stupid or evil, like not vote for who their husbands told them to.

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