Friday, October 10, 2008

Now, This IS Sexist

Ever since Sarah Palin has been in the news as the VP choice for McCain, a lot has been said about "sexism." Like any criticism of Palin is sexist; which of course is bull. When Ralph Nader got on Bill Maher's case the other week for being "sexist" towards Palin, because Maher mocked and questioned Palin. I was surprised at Nader's nonsense; in fact, it was Nader who was being sexist, not Maher, by expecting Palin to be removed from criticism. What, she's too delicate?

Anyway, I am NO fan of Palin's in any way. Not in any way. At. All.

But the recent so-called "controversy" about her wrinkles is sexist. Can you imagine this kind of time wasting non-issue given more than a nano second if it were a male?


Lesley said...

I don't know much about this, but apparently the repugs are angry that Newsweek used an unflattering photo and didn't "fix" wrinkles and facial hair. Is that right?

Regan Lee said...

Yes and I was going to add that to my post, but decided against it because, in my view, it's beside the point. Why think about it any way? But then again, just occurred to me.

Is it sexist to discuss it at all?

Is the magazine being sexist for NOT airbrushing so called "defects" like they do with everyone else?


No matter what, somewhere, somehow, this is sexist! lol.

Regan Lee said...

Oh, and is it sexist to think that the so called "average" woman wouldn't care about using make up?

Lesley said...

Personally I don't see anything that horrible about the photo. So she looks like a woman her age normally looks, big deal. I have seen equally as bad photos of men on Newsweek and Time. I think it has more to do with whether they like you or not -- not which sex you are. Remember that photo of OJ where they actually made him look blacker?

It's always something -- if it had been a bad photo of Obama it would be called racism, if it was Bush it would be because the liberal media hates him and America, if it were Hillary it would be a right winged conspiracy and sexism. It never ends. :-)

Regan Lee said...

That's why comments about sexism and feminists being hypocritical if they don't like or support Palin are ridiculous -- because the majority of those who say those things don't care about sexism and feminisim themselves, they're just using those buzz words for their own agenda.