Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Fitness Pal

I found a very useful app on iPad today.  You can also use it on any computer by going to  I think it was especially made for diet dummies like me.  First you answer some questions and it tells you how many calories you can eat per day and how long it will take to lose the amount you want to lose.

You type in your meals, most brand names are in the database so you don't have to check the package for calorie and fat content.  If you make something, like I made my own latte earlier, you can give that a title, fill in calorie content and next time you have the same thing it is easy to find with no need to type it in again.

It also keeps track of your exercise and subtracts calories for it.  For example, we took Pooka for a slow paced 20 minute walk, which according to the site should have burned about 63 calories - I would have never known how many calories that would burn.

Something else I learned - I could have had two glasses of Merlot instead of one Latte.  I would have, if I had any, but since I didn't I settled for the Latte.

According to their calculator I can consume 1200 calories per day and lose two pounds per week.  Though it is only the first day it seems easy enough.  I have eaten less, but I am not hungry.  So far, I have not even eaten half the calories I can have today.  Although, night time is when I tend to "snack" so I will have to watch that carefully.

It will be interesting to see (assuming I can actually stick to it for a week) if I have really lost 2 lbs by the end of my first week.  :-D

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