Saturday, May 28, 2011

Poison by any other name is still just as sweet

One thing that has been somewhat hard about dieting is making sure not to buy products containing aspartame.  Basically I know that anything sweet, that is marked as being low in calories contains this poison.  However, I still sometimes miss it.

Last week I was at Target and I saw Yoplait Parfaits with only 120 calories.  I did check the label, but not well enough.  I saw the ingredient "sugar" and kind of assumed there was no aspartame.  I also bought the regular (non-diet) jello chocolate pudding packs.

I ate one of the parfaits, not bad, but not really as good as regular jello pudding.  Something started bugging at me - why does a regular jello pudding the same size as the Yoplait parfaits have only 100 calories?  First I checked the jello again, nothing too bad seeming on that label.  Then I checked the parfaits, first noticing fructose.  I don't know a lot about that, but what I do know is that it should probably be avoided when possible.  Then near the end of the ingredient list I see "sucralose."  I was not sure what sucralose was, but I had a strong suspicion that it was aspartame.  It is actually Splenda, which even though it is not exactly aspartame, it is still horribly toxic and does not break down in the body (same as aspartame) and in no way helps anyone to lose weight, actually does the opposite.  Well, that being besides the fact that it is poison.

Also, isn't it somewhat strange that the "diet" product has more calories than regular jello pudding?  None of it adds up to making any sense.  One is making a big point about it's low in calories when it actually has more calories than a similar non-lowcal product.

And how many different names do these poisons go under?  I tried to find a list on the internet and was unsuccessful.  If anyone knows of one - please share!


Regan Lee said...

So glad you're commenting on aspartame and other poisons Lesley, and that you're avoiding them. I try my best to as well. It seems I came across a list of names for aspartame, etc. I'll try to find it and send it your way.

I get weird looks sometimes when I reject someone's offer of a diet drink (whether its flavored non-carbonated sodas or sodas, like Diet Coke, etc.) and say I'll just have water. And in schools, where we have a "wellness policy" with regulations on what we can give to students, there isn't anything about sugar free and diet type foods. So that means adults are bringing in drinks that are "sugarless" -- translation, poison. I point this out but I'm already the weirdo conspiracy chick so no one listens to me, lol. Actually, it isn't funny, the thought of these kids drinking and eating that stuff...

Lesley said...

I don't understand why this is considered some weird conspiracy. My understanding is that aspartame is banned in most (if not all) of Europe. Nobody there seems to think it is a conspiracy.

My niece drives me crazy because I have told her dozens of times that diet coke is poison and she continues to drink it. Even worse, I have a feeling that she probably lets her kids drink it every once in a while (not when I am around, obviously). They also make low calorie drinks for children using aspartame and it is in lots of candy. Even worse than those ads that show kids eating veggies covered in ranch dressing, which is pretty much pure fat.