Thursday, July 3, 2008

Girlie stuff that would be hard to live without

If I left on a spur of the moment vacation tomorrow, what are the girlie things I wouldn’t want to forget?

1. Dior Show Mascara in black
2. Smashbox eyeshadow in golden orchid
3. black kohl eyeliner almost any brand will do
4. Catwalk brand hair mousse
5. Lip balm -- preferably good old fashion Blistex in the tube
6. A travel sized jewelry box full of jewelry
7. Lots of body lotion -- I like lots of different kinds, but kind of prefer Burt Bees milk and honey lotion if I could only take one. I can put it on before sleep and the smell is nice for falling asleep.
8. H2O nightly oasis rejuvenating face cream

Probably lots more stuff I would like to remember, but those are the basics that I would really hate to forget.

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