Friday, July 25, 2008


I hate them. I always have, but even more so now that I am older.

I spent yesterday over at some friends house in their pool. I don't mind swimsuits there, I am among friends. However, next month I will be in California, on a public beach. Ick. Hopefully I will at least have some bit of a tan by then. Back when I was young and stick thin I always wore bikinis, though the more conservative ones as I have never been totally comfortable with lots of flesh showing. Now that has changed to tankinis. Even a bit more than that because I wear the little skirt to hide my fat thighs a bit more.

Our friends have given us an open invite to come swimming every single day if we want. Even if we go a few times a week that will be more exercise than I normally get and maybe I can shape up a bit?

I am always going to do something -- like tai chi or yoga classes a few times a week and never do. Maybe hanging out with friends is the motivation I need to actually get to moving my fat ass out from in front of the computer and/or tv.

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