Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New Season Project Runway!

I don't like "reality shows" at all. I dislike the competition, the hostility, the mind games; it's all so nasty and immature. No one is judged on ability or talent; just how nasty they can be. Oh, they'll throw in things, like on Survivor -- if you fall off a log, you lose -- but they don't leave it at that. (In fact, don't get me started on Survivor; with all it's gratuitous exploitation of bug eating and "hunting" and the local landscape, etc.)

That's why I like Project Runway. It's about the talent, creativity, endurance of the designer. There's plenty of snippy behavior; who wouldn't snap and swipe and snipe when you've been up all night trying to sew from scratch a fabulous evening gown out of candy wrappers and ferns or something? And as we well know dahlings, us creative types are so temperamental! Aside from that kind of thing, which doesn't last long, the show is concerned with fashion and talent, not who aligns themselves with whom and all that ridiculous stuff.

I'm creative and love clothes, but can't sew, don't want to sew, in fact, hate sewing. I just don't have the patience at all! I can think of designs; but then I'd have to go and make the thing. One of my sisters is fantastic at sewing; she makes most all her clothes, and her kids too, and you cannot tell at all it's "homemade." She belongs on Project Runway!

Anyway, I'm excited the new season begins tonight, on the BRAVO channel. 9pm Eastern, 8pm Central.

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Lesley said...

I don't watch every week, but if I happen to catch the show when it is on I always end up watching.

I don't sew or want to either. I almost flunked home ec in middle school because I hated sewing so much that I never completed my project.

It is always amazing to me that people are so great at sewing and enjoy doing it -- good for them!