Monday, July 7, 2008

Summer Shoes

During the hot days I wear sandals. Mostly Betula, by Birkenstock. Yes, Birkenstocks are ugly, but they are also the most comfortable shoes on earth. The Betulas are cuter than the regular Birkies, normally having rhinestones and other decorative touches. Below is a pair I actually own, only mine are orange. I also have "going out" sandals which are not as comfortable, but a lot prettier.

Like Regan Lee I can't stand what I deem as athletic shoes. Those would be Nike or something like that. They are always too hot for me, then my feet swell making them feel a size too small. I don't find them comfortable at all.

However, to me athletic shoes don't include what I call skate shoes or sneakers. Canvas shoes in other words. I used to really love Vans, but this summer I have been wearing Rocket Dog in the cool evenings or out for a walk.

I like canvas shoes because they always come in a variety of colors and patterns. They aren't so heavy and hot either. I wear them most of the spring, fall and the warmer days in the winter. This summer my favorites are my black with silver metallic skulls and red tartan slip-on Rocket Dog shoes.

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R. Lee said...

I like Betula too; they make a turquoise birkie that I want to get.

kate said...

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oooo!! I love those Betula's! I hadn't seen those before.